4 Powerful Biohacks for Faster Healing and Recovery

We all know the feeling when that nasty cold just lingers on and on. Regaining our energy and getting back to normal health seems to take ages. Some people have similar experiences with wounds or sports injuries that take forever to heal. Even getting a tooth pulled can continue to cause pain and inflammation for weeks.

There are many reasons why healing and recovery can be slower in some individuals but these powerful biohacks can work on your body’s biology, allowing it to bounce back to normal very quickly

Invest in a water ioniser

Water is essential for all of our body functions. It is responsible for cell detoxification, which promotes tissue regeneration and healing.

Alkaline water has been scientifically proven to reduce oxidation, which can increase inflammation and slow down the functions of the immune system, which is responsible for healing and recovery.

A water ioniser is a good investment if you suffer from frequent colds and other minor illnesses such as sore throat and digestive problems. This device simply raises the PH level of your drinking water and allows it to penetrate your cells more effectively and quickly.

Drink lots of alkaline water to flush out toxins and oxidants and help your body regenerate and regain its vitality.

Facial Reflex therapy

This is an amazing technique that is gaining worldwide popularity. A facial reflect therapist will analyse your face with the tips of their fingers to find the blockage or “deposit” in your body that is causing the problem.

There are energy centres on our face that correspond to various glands, organs and systems in our bodies. By stimulating these areas, blood flow and energy are increased to promote healing and relief from a variety of disorders.

The facial reflex therapist will press on these points on the face that correspond to the unbalanced or blocked area to stimulate blood flow and energy.

The main benefit of facial reflex therapy is that it deals with the root cause of the symptoms rather than alleviating them. For example, if you are slow to heal and recover from illness, the immune system will most likely be the cause. The therapist will strengthen and balance your immune system so that your body is able to heal faster.

Facial Reflex therapy is a little bit like acupuncture but without needles. The therapist may also use colour therapy with a special light stick for excellent therapeutic results, especially for burns, rashes and inflamed tissues and skin.


The amazing therapeutic properties of natural herbs have been known and used for centuries to improve health and heal a wide spectrum of diseases.

Some of the following herbs have near-magical properties when it comes to healing and regenerating the body:

Aloe: This is simply the best natural remedy to use on wounds, rashes, sores, surgical wounds and burns. Its anti-inflammatory properties produce almost instant healing. It reduces pain and swelling and prevents the spread of infection.

Comfrey: The leaves of this herb promote collagen growth and tissue regeneration. It should not be used directly on open wounds but a salve made of the leaves can be used on scar tissue and to heal abrasions and cuts.

Frankincense cream: Frankincense is an amazing natural substance on many levels. It helps promote collagen production and growth, therefore, is excellent for post-surgical incisions, wounds and ulcers. Frankincense essential oil when used in a diffuser is excellent for relieving stress and strengthening the immune system.

Garlic: This herb is packed with healing properties. Garlic is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It’s best used raw in salads and other foods but if you are not a garlic lover, it is available in tablet form as a supplement.

Try inversion therapy

This is a proven immunity booster and a great hack to improve blood circulation. More importantly, it helps flush out and energise the lymphatic system, which is vital for healing and recovery from all kinds of illnesses.

Inversion simply means being upside down. This hack does not require a special inversion table in order to practice this hack at home, although that is certainly an option.

You can try some yoga inversion poses from downward-dog to full handstand and many other poses in between. Check out your local yoga or Pilates classes to gain the full benefits.

Please consult your doctor before considering this Biohack as there could be some risk for people with high blood pressure, heart disease and acid reflux disorder.

Final recovery

If you are a slow healer, with these hacks you no longer have to suffer discomfort and fatigue for longer than you need to. These adjustments are natural and safe.

Not only do they provide fast relief but also promote long-term health and healing. Allowing you to have a higher

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